Funny movie quotes 2016

My job is to keep you alive until you die. (Griggs)

Movie - Suicide Squad
Actor - Ike Barinholtz

Your theory, as you put it, is horseshit. (Spock)

Movie - Star Trek Beyond
Actor - Zachary Quinto

He's too stupid to talk and too ugly to eat. (Tiberius)

Movie - The Secret Life of Pets
Actor - Albert Brooks

You're crying? I haven't even kicked your ass yet! (School Jock)

Movie - X Men: Apocalypse
Actor - Anthony Konechny

If we don't do this, it will be done to us. (Tony Stark)

Movie - Captain America: Civil War
Actor - Robert Downey Jr.

This is not the time for womanly imaginings. (Buddy)

Movie - Bone Tomahawk
Actor - Sid Haig

Panda's don't walk. We roll! (Li)

Movie - Kung Fu Panda 3
Actor - Bryan Cranston

I've missed not knowing things with you. (Derek Zoolander)

Movie - Zoolander 2
Actor - Ben Stiller

Sounds like you have a di*k in your mouth. (Blind Al)

Movie - Deadpool
Actor - Leslie Uggams

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